Preconstruction: The Front End

As important as daily field decisions are during the construction phase, we believe that decisions and efforts made through-out the pre-construction phase are just as or more important. As the relevant teams are formed, critical design decisions are made, and focused analysis is performed, this is the point where we'll find the best opportunity to save time and money. Whether part of a construction management team, or leading a design build effort, SGC will creatively offer options and recommendations which provide value without compromising the integrity of the project. Below are some typical pre-construction elements:

  • Listen to the client and understand the project
  • Permit & DP approvals - coordinate with relevant agencies
  • Integrated Practice - Assemble and develop the TEAM
  • Functional Design - Design document assessment and review
  • Cost Estimating with detailed line item cost breakdown  
  • Value Engineering:
    • **Maximize project value and output by optimizing cost and performance inputs, and identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenditures before breaking ground
  • Cost Benefit Analysis:
    • **Determine and select optimum course of action throughout life of project by weighing projected choice costs to potential benefits
  • Schedule Projection and Planning using project management  practices such as Critical Path Method
  • Strategically involve, prepare and contract subcontractors
  • Properly establish and define project scope of work