Post Construction: The Follow Through

Nearing the completion of any project, we begin the post construction phase.  Beginning just before we hand over the keys, the following will take place:

  • Walk-Through
    • We'll walk the space with plans in hand to go over every detail of the space.  Although we pride ourselves on consistently having extremely short punch-lists by catching correction items on our own internal walk-through prior to the final client walk-through, this is where officially hand the project over to the client.
  • As-Builts
    • Where necessary and requested, we will provide the approved set of field drawings, clearly noted with any and all field changes occurring throughout the course of the project.
  • Warranty
    • Although limited, if problems arise after occupancy, we place priority over all to solve with expediency. As with our business, we understand that problems not corrected result in wasted time and funds.
  • Continued Communication
    • We will follow up on a regular basis to make sure all is well, and make ourselves available to you as we did during the construction phase.